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Sea-Salted Caramels Dark Chocolate
Sea-Salted Caramels Dark Chocolate

Sea-Salted Caramels (Dark Chocolate)


10 Dark Chocolate Sea-Salted Caramels

In small batches, we slowly cook sugar until it is the perfect caramelized amber color before gently adding warm heavy cream that has been infused with Madagascar vanilla bean. Thin decadent dark chocolate truffle shells are then carefully filled with the cooled caramel, and then hand-dipped in our house-blend dark chocolate touched with a dash of “Fleur de Sel” (Flower of the sea) sea salt crystals harvested in the Camargue region near Provence, France. The combination of caramel and salt is quite amazing. These are the holy grails of caramels.

Close your eyes and take a bite into the mists of time, your legendary adventure awaits you.

Product Description

  • 10 dark chocolate sea-salted caramels
  • Brown satin finish box 3.625” wide x 8.25” tall x 1.5” high
  • Sage green colored ribbon wraps each box
  • Each box comes adorned with a caramel menu card

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 4 x 1 in