Our Journey with Tom Sciascia

My name is Tom Sciascia (pronounced sha-sha). I grew up in New Village, a small town in central New Jersey. Riding my bike up the street to Archie’s candy store was perhaps one of the greatest thrills of my childhood. I remember the smells and excitement of purchasing my favorite chocolates, all of it enchanted me. At the age of ten I began oil painting the visual feasts before me—from sprawling cornfield landscapes to ripe red tomato still lifes. I lived each day to paint. Throughout my high school and college years my artwork was recognized, leading me to pursue a degree in medical illustration and graphic design.

In 1990, my wife Loren and I opened a graphic design studio. With clients ranging from SAP America to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, our work won national accolades for excellence in design. But as often happens, life changes. When the attacks of 9/11 devastated our worlds, I realized I was destined to create my art for a different palate. As we all did, 9/11 made me stop and think about life and what this journey is all about. For me, I went back to my roots, to my childhood, to my family. Growing up in a very close and loving Italian family, I was spoiled with the riches of simple and fresh homemade food and its ability to bring such incredible happiness. And Sciascia Confections was born.

And at the heart of it all is my unwavering passion and desire to bring you moments of sheer happiness and joy. It’s in each and every handmade confection I make, every bite you take, and every event, favor or corporate gift that I create for you to share with those you hold dear. Sciascia Confections is truly a feast for the senses—enjoy your journey here, I’m so honored to share it all with you! Thank you so much.

Tom Sciascia